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MA N I F E S T O | O F | T H E | N E W | C L U B B I NG.
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M A N I F E S T O | O F | T H E | N E W | C L U B B I NG
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M A N I F E S T O | O F | T H E | N E W | C L U B B IN G



Artistic Direction | Catarina Teixeira

Music Concept| FOQUE

Visual Cocept | Pablo Koury

Support to Concept Development | Amit Scharf

Performers | Original Cast - Performact Collective :  Anna Disse (German), Emily Jessop (England), Gregor Piskernik (Austria), Julie Stamm (Germany), Maja Kubalanca (Poland), Marlen Pluger (Germany), Maxime Renaud (France), Nitzan Shafran (Israel), Rebbeca Lang (Sweden), Willa Faulkner (England), Evie Cousins (England), Leon Stille (Germany), Maria Eliza Trefas (Romenia), Misuki Kori (Japan), Paulina Bedkowska (Poland)

Artistic Residency | Performact since 2020.



The project consists in a collaboration between a choreographer – Catarina Teixeira - , a musician – FOQUE - and a video artist – Pablo Koury -, in which we included a large group of performers for a live performance show, video dance and video maping. 

The project is already at an advanced level since it was part of a creation for Performact (Untamed Productions) and an artistic residency with the duration of one month (January 2020). 

The project consists in both the performance and the video making of a shot movie.

During our residency the main goal was to build a strong group connection through different explorations which lead into a final performance. There was, as well, the opportunity to experiment with video. The present goal for this project is the film – as the performance is more advanced in its structure.






M a n i f e s t o   O f   T h e   N e w   C l u b b i n g

To start from a place of pure pleasure and comfort inside a casual party that soon turns into a place of danger and panic.

Invitation to visualize the Panic Room as the opposite to the safe place. It becomes worse than the danger; you enter this room searching for protection but it turns out that what you find is worse than the reality outside.

The same way the night is for some, the place we built for ourselves is a place to be wild, violent,in such an extreme love that you would be able to eat the other. A place of darkness that allows us to see the most clearly the world around us and to accept it because we are free to live in our skin as we are free to try the others' many skins.

What is wrong with us I cannot answer but what is wrong with you I can help to question.

Catarina Teixeira | 2018

H a n d b o o  k    t o    t h e    N e w    C l u b  b e r s

We will write a guideline with rules for the clubbers (Flyers)


It’s a manifesto and it’s not a manifesto because clubbing is no manifesto.
What is the essence of clubbing?
What is the new clubbing?
What are the rules?

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The Guide to a Party
We will Explain the rules before the performance.


S o l o     I n s i d e     A    G r o u p

In a clubbing you go there to be alone. But the isolation is dependent of those around you. A togetherness diving in.

Each person is by themselves as if the other one is not there. |  You don’t see them as they do not see you. | But once you do what happens? | What happens if you see them and they don’t see you? | What happens if they see you and you don’t see them? | What would you do to make them see you? What would you do to ignore them?

It’s so violent to not see another person. Or to see them as objects. This is what creates wars. Kill for land. We were trained to not see the other. We were trained to not see.

What happens when you see? | Everything is out of order. | Everything which was happening before is out of order. | Now that we see is the organic natural order which we might acknowledge as chaos as we were programmed to not see. | What happens to those who are strictly conventional?

In a clubbing world there is nothing wrong.

A n y t h i n g   c a n   h a p p e n   h e r e.

That is also the danger.

Capture of the violence, the tenderness, the hate, the love, the wildness, the innocence, gathered in one same place.

After all the noise, what remains?

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| References |
Climax by Gaspar Noé No Manifesto by Yvonne Rainer Black Mirror Dada Manifesto by Tzara Deus da Carnificina Nan Goldin Cindy Sherman Andrew Thomas Huang Jesse K

 | Manifesto Of The New Clubbing |


Catarina Teixeira is currently working as a contemporary dancer and emergent choreographer. Graduated from Balleatro Escola Profissional (Oporto), Formação Olga Roriz in the Company of Olga Roriz (Lisbon) and Performact, Untamed Productions, under the direction of Gonçalo Ferreira and Ricardo Ambrozio, where she collaborated with international artists such as, Inaki Azpillaga, Ted Stoffer, Rob Hayden, Jos Baker, Marco da Silva Ferreira. Artistic Direction of Manifesto of The New Clubbing (2020), collaboration with FOQUE (music) and Pablo Koury (filmmaker). Scuro (2020), coreographic composition - performed by João Cardoso. Guest Choreographer for Performact – Untamed Productions (Torres Vedras, Portugal). Artistic direction of Ode (2019), a collaboration with FOQUE merging sound and movement.  Coreographic collaboration with Lisa Bless in Portrait of Nobody (2019). Performer in Oniriabilia (2019), choreographed by Malgorzata Sus developed at Palácio do Sobralinho. Apprentice in the creation United Space of Ambivalence (2018) by Maté Meszaros. Minus (2018), the first choreography, coreographed and performed, is a collaboration with the musician Diogo Flores. Coreographed Unbearable Innocence (2018), Restless Legs (2018), and Casta Diva (2017) during Performact training programme.  She took part in contemporary dance workshops with Tom Weksler, Anton Lachky, Laura Aris, Fighting Monkey, Flying Low with David Zambrano, Matt Mulligan, Winston Reynolds, Summer Intensive in Torres Vedras by Untamed Productions.

Links to previous work |

Manifesto Of The New Clubbing: https://vimeo.com/389293812  

ODE Trailer: https://vimeo.com/351447996 

Unbearable Innocence Trailer: https://vimeo.com/340094737   

Minus Trailer: https://vimeo.com/322085886     

Social Media |

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user56383253  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catarina.teixeira.39982  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cestla.cata/?hl=pt   

| Comments on previous works |

To invoke the subconscious, Catarina Teixeira wove with her project, Unbearable Innocence, the uncertain puzzle of her life: the recurrent nature of the obsession, the speaking of words that can not be spoken and the confusion of feelings.

Iñaki Azpillaga

dancer, choreographic assistant of Wim Vandekeybus and teacher

I have known Catarina to be a very patient, quiet and thoughtful both in life and in her work.  Her ability to see beyond the superficial and find the essence between extremes is remarkable.  Her quiet nature betrays the depth of her fiery spirit.  Without a doubt, one of the few people I have truly enjoyed working with and watching grow.

Rob Hayden

Ultima Vez Dancer, teacher

Manifesto Of The New Clubbing | Photographic Recording | Pablo Koury

Luís Leitão (PT) graduated from Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo in 2014 and developed work related to theatre during one year, bringing puppet theatre to the schools of the city (Porto). Attended Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. In parallel to this, kept the project Baixo Soldado with which played at Festa do Avante 2015, Indie Music Fest 2015 and Queima das Fitas 2015. In 2017, created the project FOQUE and launched his first EP. With presence at Caldas Late Night 2017, Ginga Beat (Vodafone FM) and was part of the short film “Fenomenologia da Alma” exhibit at FECIBogotá - Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente de Bogotá, as musician/sound operator.  Also scene musician / creator of the street theatre piece Samsara, which was presented in 2017 at Fresh Street (St.Maria da Feira), Ovar em Festa, Festiteatro (Esposende) and Festival Internacional de Setúbal. Created and performed live music for the performance of vertical dance “Imortella” (S.João da Madeira). Co-creator of the Closing Party ofdo Festival Bons Sons 2018 (Cem Soldos).

FOQUE.  Entitles the solo project of Luís Leitão. This is presented as a heteronym to channel all his musical work in one focus. Launched the first EP in the beginning of the year 2017.  Born from the necessity of musical independence and to let go, not the guitars nor the convencional drums, but rock in general, where he had been entangled for the most part of his life. This project branches through different fields, facing different facets. Emerges as a musician on the traditional concept of solo concert (CABUM), band concert (CABUM Live Band) and as producer for clubbing format (Live Set). Develops work as scene musician (Samsara) and soundscape (Kairós, ...).


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/foqueoficial 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foqueoficial 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foqueoficial/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs0NIJchjcyB6eUqOG-tWMA 

Neon Sessions - Full Showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHzg6Uprefk  

SAMSARA (Teatro de Rua): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFSPOdHJKt8

Pablo Koury (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), a photographer, videographer and art director. His journey in photography began in 2010 as an assistant for commercial and studio photographers Marcia Ramalho and Milton Montenegro and since then, has never stopped. Graduated Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro in 2014 (Film School in Rio de Janeiro) and Graphic design in Gold Coast Australia (Bondi University 2009). Has lived and worked in multiple cities around the world, from NYC to Honolulu, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Lisbon, regarding NBC News and VICE Media.  Happy to share his passion and make collaborations. Since he took a plane ticket in 2016, he hasn’t come back to his hometown. Travelled and lived in eleven countries, worked mainly in NYC, Hawaii and Lisbon, as a photographer, videographer and teacher.

Website | https://www.pablokoury.com 

Technical Rider

Duration: 55 mins

Set up time: about 50 min

Age Rating: M/ 12


Table for the musician


Background for the video maping

Lighting (optional):

4 PAR LED (colours – red, pink-purple, dark blue, blue-green, white)



Recording the live show 


To be provided by the organizer.

P.A. Stereo System able to reach 100 dBa, with 12 dB of headroom with no distortion. Brand preference: Meyer Sound, L’Acoustics, Nexo, Martin Audio, D&B and / or JBL.


ROH  2 monitors



1 Main_L DI

2 Main_R DI

No filming, photography or recordings are allowed during performances only with our agreement.

| All the technical requirements are adaptable to changes according to the spaces’ characteristics. |

Ready to make it official?


| Contact |

Catarina Teixeira