Graduated from Balleatro Escola Profissional (Oporto), Formação Olga Roriz Company (Lisbon) and Performact, Untamed Productions, where she collaborated with international artists such as, Inaki Azpillaga, Ted Stoffer, Rob Hayden, Jos Baker, Marco da Silva Ferreira. 

Artistic Direction of Manifesto of The New Clubbing (2020), collaboration with FOQUE (music) and Pablo Koury (filmmaker). 

Scuro (2020), coreographic composition - performed by João Cardoso. 

Guest Choreographer for Performact – Untamed Productions (Torres Vedras, Portugal). 

Artistic direction of Ode (2019), a collaboration with FOQUE merging sound and movement.  Coreographic collaboration with Lisa Bless in Portrait of Nobody (2019). 

Performer in Oniriabilia (2019), choreographed by Malgorzata Sus developed at Palácio do Sobralinho. Apprentice in the creation United Space of Ambivalence (2018) by Maté Meszaros. Minus (2018), the first choreography, coreographed and performed, is a collaboration with the musician Diogo Flores. 

Coreographed Unbearable Innocence (2018), Restless Legs (2018), and Casta Diva (2017) during Performact training programme.  She took part in contemporary dance workshops with Tom Weksler, Anton Lachky, Laura Aris, Fighting Monkey, Flying Low with David Zambrano, Matt Mulligan, Winston Reynolds, Summer Intensive in Torres Vedras by Untamed Productions.